Relief sculptures

These sculptures are all made by hand, originally carved by Peter Mammes and cast by hand by the the artist in his studio, each work is signed somewhere on the artwork.

The artist uses a combination of traditional and modern techniques to make elaborately and intricate sculptural artworks. Peter's signature style can be recognized in these works, the use of pattern and composition is emblematic of his sculptural works. There is a fine finish in the patina and paintwork and every aspect of the artwork was meticulously crafted.

Peter uses specialist hand tools such as chisels and Japanese saws to make every aspect by hand. Peter makes the molds and does the casting by hand, every aspect of the artwork was made originally by hand from clay or wood.

Peter Mammes likes to play around with natural processes such as rusting, tarnishing and decay that cannot be fully controlled and adds an organic touch to his work, that is why some of the artworks look like they might be relics from a museum, that are hundreds of years old.

See a selection of artworks below.