Corpus Delecti
Corpus Delecti
Patterndiscord Artwork by Peter Mammes

Corpus Delecti

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Size: 44cm by 47cm by 5cm

Materials: Cold cast copper, steel, brass. Velvet and wood.

Hand made by Peter Mammes, signed on the back.

This sculpture was hand made by Peter Mammes in 2020 during the first lockdown. This one of a kind sculpture looks like something that should be hanging in a palace or museum but second glance maybe not…

The skull sculpture is a image of a trepanned skull and I will let Wikipedia describe it: “Trepanning is a surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled or scraped into the human skull. The intentional perforation of the cranium exposes the dura mater to treat health problems related to intracranial diseases or release pressured blood buildup from an injury. It may also refer to any "burr" hole created through other body surfaces, including nail beds. A trephine is an instrument used for cutting out a round piece of skull bone to relieve pressure beneath a surface.”

So my understanding is that the individual depicted in the image had the hole heal up, which meant that the trepanning did not kill him but the individual lived long after. They did the trepanning to release the demons from the head. This artwork celebrates the folly of our sciences, especially during the pandemic. I guess in 500 years we will look back and think of how silly we where just like we think this trepanning method is today.

I used velvet and wood in this artwork because it was more royal and regal looking. This artwork is truly beautiful and precious.